Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The Role of Religious Tourism in Stable Development of Rural Areas, With The Emphasis on Holy Monuments            0000-00-00
2    Evaluate of implementation of rural Guidance plan\'s (Case study: Khaf County)    M.Sc.    harati, omolbanin    2012-02-07
3    Analysis of the Development of Infrastructure Services in Rural Population Stabilization (Case Study: Salehan Rural district Central Section Khomein City)    M.Sc.    rezaee, neda    2012-07-04
4    The Role of Dhyars in Sustainable Rural Tourism Development (The Case Study:Villages of Torghabe District)    M.Sc.    sarbargh moghaddam, toktam    2012-12-30
5    The Role Of Woman Rural Cooperative In Members Empowerment    M.Sc.    shojaeeimoghadam, elham    2013-02-13
6    Analysis role bulgaria tourism in the rural economy development on based of the holy Bekaa (Case study: villages in the miqat Reza of Razavi Khorasan province)    M.Sc.    mahmudy, hamide    2013-03-16
7    The analysis socialeconomicalandecologicaleffects of cultivating pistachio in rural development (Case study:centralpart of Sabzevar county)    M.Sc.    alizadeh dowlat abady, lida    2013-05-27
8    Analysis of small cities fanctions on rural regions development (case study: the central part ofthe city.Harsin)    M.Sc.    akbari, homaioon    2013-09-18
9    The Survey Effects of Title-deeds for Rural Real Property on the Improvement Life Quality of Villages (Case Study: Quechan County).    M.Sc.    smaili, somaye    2013-09-18
10    The role of rural management in skeletal-spatial development in villages tourist destination with emphasis of RM performance (study case: Ahmadabad District in mashhad county)    M.Sc.    rajabi janbe deraz, somaye    2013-12-07
11    Analysis The Effects of Targeted Subsidies on The Quality of Life of Rural Households ( The Case Study: Ahmadabad District of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    norollahi, effat    2014-03-17
12    A Study theRole ofGardening onEconomic Development of Rural Areas (Case Study:LeivanRural District-Bandargaz County)    M.Sc.    askari, najmeh    2014-03-17
13    the effects of the diversification of economic activities on the quality of life in rural households (case study : golmakan dehestan in chenaran county)    M.Sc.    esmaeili, mahnaz    2014-09-29
14    Physical Impact - Physical and environmental and land use change second home tourism in rural area (Case Study: city Binalood)    M.Sc.    abdollahi, samaneh    2014-11-10
15    The Evaluation of the Performance    M.Sc.    dastmard, saeedeh    2015-02-14
16    Analysis of the effects of migration of men over economic and social situation of women in rural settlements has a low sex ratio (Case Study: Mashhad county)    M.Sc.    vatan khah noghani, atena    2015-05-18
17    Analysis of the Effect of Religious Beliefs on the Realization of Sustainable Rural Development (Case Study: Ishaq Abad Village in Neyshabur County)    M.Sc.    shahrokhi kakhki, samaneh    2015-06-16
18    The Feasibility Study Of Investment In Tourism Accommodation Of Mashhad    M.Sc.    rezazadeh, khadjeh    2015-06-16
19    The role of diversity of economic activities (agronomic and non-agricultural) in vulnerability and resilience of rural households in the face of drought (Case study area: Chenaran County )    M.Sc.    Hajiyan, Narges    2015-11-17
20    The feasibility of medicinal plants intake to cultivation pattern and forming relevant transformative industries (case study: rural habitats of Chenaran city)    M.Sc.    afshar, zari    2015-12-13
21    The Role of NGOs ‎ in the of Socio- Economic Empowerment of Rural Women (Case Study: ‎Roshtkhar County).‎    Ph.D    javani, khadije    2015-12-23
22    Analysis of Unauthorized Changes in Agricultural Use and its Effective Factors in Rural Areas (Case Study: Binalood County)    M.Sc.    faal, amin    2016-09-19
23    The Study and analyze the effects of political divisions on rural settlements sustainably (case study:firozeh county (    Ph.D    shamsayi, amin allah    2017-03-08
24    analysis The Green ethics effects on rural consumers behavior (Rural Settlements in KHAF County)    M.Sc.    dalir tizabi, elahe    2017-04-24
25    Analysis of Factors Affecting on non-farm rural livelihood diversification(Case Study: Bakharz County)    M.Sc.    abdolghadery, salman    2017-04-24
26    Evaluate the Effectiveness of Job Creation Schemes Imam Khomeini Relief Committee in empowering rural women heads of households covered. (Case study: villages city Freeman    M.Sc.    salimi, masoome    2017-05-22
27    Analyzing and investigating the factors affecting on sense of economic security in rural area; (case study area: Hokmabad Dehestan of Jovein township)    M.Sc.    Akbari, Fatemeh    2017-11-11
28    Investigating the Impacts of Tourism Development on Socio-Cultural Evolutions Rural Settlements (Case Study: Chenaran County)    M.Sc.    sahebi, shirin    2018-04-23
29    Evaluation of the Role of Housing Improvement Credit on Reducing Vulnerability ofRural Residents to Natural Hazards in the Radkal Village of Chenaran Township    M.Sc.    Gholizadeh, Salimeh    2018-05-14
30    Analyzing and Surveying the Effect of Local Markets of Ghaen Cauty on Rural Women Empowerment    M.Sc.    Haghpanah, Haniyeh    2018-05-14